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QuetzalcÓatl & the Magic Flute of Fire

In this half-hour documentary, two California artists use their art to connect to their Mexican roots, especially their indigenous heritage: Mayan (and Olmec) for the one, Aztec for the other. The documentary is fully bilingual (Spanish and English)

"...response to the film...was enthusiastic." Catherine Ortiz, Adult Reference Librarian, Richmond (CA) Public Library

"Highly recommended. For college-general adult: Art, Latin Americans, Mythology." Elena Landry, for EMRO (Educational Media on-line)

"A strong optional purchase for media librarians...[for] art history collections...especially [those] with a focus on Mexican culture." Ashley Sosa, for Video Librarian

Quetzalcóatl and the Magic Flute of Fire opens with a one-minute review of the 3,000+ years of Mexican civilization, then moves on to the two featured artists: Ernesto Hernández Olmos and Rubén Guzmán. Both are from Mexico but now live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both have exhibited in several venues, taught youth, and participated actively in community celebrations. Olmos is a multi-media artist. Guzmán for many years specialized in the cartonería that he demonstrates here. (Cartonería is an art derived from paper maché.) His section is hosted by artist Hershell West; Olmos is alone in his part.

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