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Quetzacoatl & the Magic Flute of Fire

In this half-hour documentary, two California artists use their art to connect to their Mexican roots, especially their indigenous heritage: Mayan (and Olmec) for the one, Aztec for the other.

The documentary opens with a one-minute photographic review of the 3,000+ years of Mexican civilization, narrated by filmmaker Eve A. Ma, then moves on to the artists:

The first, Ernesto Hernádez Olmos, is a multi-media artist who does wood carving, drumming, dancing, ceramics, murals, music and painting. He has worked with youth in the San Francisco Bay Area and participated in group exhibitions. One of the highlights of his interview is when he plays his own music on one of the ceramic flutes he has made, his "Magic Flute of Fire." (Yes, there is a fire burning in it!)

Rubén Guzmán, our second artist, specializes in cartonería, an art form derived from paper maché. Interviewed by host Hershell West, he talks about the hopes and dreams of his people which he expresses in figures such as the Aztec deity Quetzacóatl, the feathered serpent. Guzmán also talks about working with youth in his Oakland, California, neighborhood and of making two giant dragon heads for Disney World near Los Angeles, CA.

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The Artist in Society: Talking with Hershell West

This 50-minute documentary looks at San Francisco Bay Area artist/muralist Hershell West to discover his art, the ways in which artists contribute to society, and the value of public art. Adding special interest, West, a black man, was born and raised in the segregated rural South, giving him special challenges.

Defying the expectations of family and society, West obtained an MFA in fine arts at the University of South Florida after a stint in the military, which earned him GI Bill support and the ability to pursue higher education. In Florida, in addition to painting canvases and murals, he also worked on outreach in the arts for his university. Later, he moved to California where he soon found himself painting, teaching art, and working as chief assistant to well-known muralist John Wehrle.

West has been commissioned to create his own murals while also continuing to collaborate with others. He has taught art to at-risk youth, served on several arts commissions, chaired the board of directors of organizations such as the Richmond Art Center and ProArts of Oakland, and helped found an annual exhibit called TAOLB (The Art of Living Black). Now in semi-retirement due to health reasons, he has a long and meaningful career to look back upon.

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